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The Hotel Veritas Story

“Literis Antiquis Novis Institutis Decora”

The Latin motto for the city of Cambridge can be translated as “Distinguished for Classical Learning and New Institutions.” Our city’s founders were wise to recognize the balance of what makes Cambridge remarkable. A mention of “Harvard Square” and one’s mind goes to ivy and academia. The brick walls, iron gates and historic buildings are cherished aspects of the neighborhood, along with the many vibrant “new institutions” that keep us relevant, thriving and interesting.

At the Hotel Veritas, we strive to reflect the historic neighborhood we call home. At the same time, we’ve blended modern amenities and decor with the fine detailing of an old New England residence to create a uniquely chic and vibrant setting that delivers state-of-the-art comforts and conveniences. Book a room at our luxury Cambridge, MA hotel and experience an uncommonly inviting atmosphere, along with top amenities and superior service that will make you want to extend your stay.